Email Campaigns

Collect Contact Info

Easily import contact information collected through previous opt-in campaigns. And employ a host of powerful data-collection tools to quickly build your contact database

Email Templates

Choose the right look from an array of customizable templates, or use your own design. Ensure that all your emails look polished and consistent, and enhance your brand reputation

Spam Filters

The spam filter test red-flags common spam-related vocabularies and helps your messages get to inboxes and not junk folders.


Email Marketing Automation

The platform  enables you to send the most relevant messages by tracking subscriber behavior and interests:

  • Automatically record message-opening and click-through behaviors.
  • Automatically select and send the best message for each subscriber based on demonstrated interests and click through behavior.
  • The platform continually tracks your targets and sorts them for successful communication campaigns. Just set it and forget it!

Email Campaigns

The platform broadens your reach by utilizing all the popular messaging channels. Reach different recipient groups via their preferred channels: SMS, MMS, social media, or voice broadcast in addition to email — all from an integrated dashboard.

For important announcements, reinforce your emails campaigns with follow-up messages through another channel. By employing this cross-channel marketing strategy, you'll leverage every channel your customer uses to maximize their attention.


Next Steps...

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