Multi-Channel Marketing

Powerful Engagement Tools

Take advantage of the industry’s most complete text messaging solutions with an array of powerful engagement tools.

Automate, Target And Deliver

Automate repetitive chores and targeting tasks to deliver the most relevant message to each recipient at the right time

Reach 100% Of Your Customers

Boost response rates by reaching 100% of your contacts through multiple channels through a single integrated platform


Give Your Customers Choices

Times have changed, and so have the communication preferences of your customers and employees. But people are no longer limited to having to pick just one communication channel. Mobile Fanz’s cross-channel messaging platform assembles all major communication media in one integrated dashboard for maximum messaging impact.

A superior SMS messaging solution

Imagine how much you’d accomplish if you could do three things at once — automatically. Mobile Fanz have created a superior SMS messaging solution and added cross-channel coverage to complete your communications. We’ve integrated text, email, and social media into a single, easy-to-use interface so nobody will miss your message. And you won’t have to pay multiple bills or learn three different interfaces.


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