Social Media

Promote On Facebook

Create, customizes, and promotes your social media pages. Publish a QR code that leads customers to your pages. Embed a link to your Facebook page in your SMS or email. Add the same link to your keyword auto-response.

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Facebook Coupons

Rack up “likes” and drive traffic with coupons from your Facebook page. And with Trumpia’s cross-channel technology, you can also circulate those coupons via SMS and email for wider sharing and higher redemption rates.

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Facebook Widgets

Create widgets to acquire information and build your contact list. But don’t stop at just names and phone numbers. The widget helps you collect specific customer interests so you can send more accurately targeted promotions.

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Facebook And Twitter

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are here to stay, and people are increasingly using them to both share information and interact with businesses.

Did you know that more than 90 percent of consumers follow businesses on social media for promotions? If you’ve got something great to say, appearing on your subscribers' news feeds will set your business apart from others.

Get the tools you need to get the exposure you deserve and persuade people to “like,” post, @mention, and share your business with their own social networks.


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